Spending time outdoors became a huge part of my life way later than most people. Somehow or another the desire to not have boring family videos with my kids with a fortunately timed move to live in Italy for a few years morphed into a deep connection with oceans, mountains, forests, snow, and the rest of mother nature.

Having a family that supports the long drives, early mornings and very late dinners has allowed me to spend time creating work that so intricately relies on both technical and artistic expression. To my wife and kids: my deepest appreciation.

A common comment upon seeing my work is: “Yea, but that’s photoshopped, right?” To which my response back is inevitably: “You don’t cook food without seasoning, do you?” The information captured by the camera is just that, information. My work isn’t a documentary recording of a location, but rather an expression of what I felt, saw, and want to convey.

I hope you find some emotional twinge in an image or another.